Hi! We are Chris and Laura, the faces behind Lemon in Lemon

Learning of our dairy allergy in our early twenties; we had not had ice cream in 3 years. In July 2017, we travelled to Italy and fell deeply in love with their fresh and divine lemon sorbet! It was love at first taste. Walking through the streets of Italy, we had one goal; to eat as much sorbet as possible! We realised that sorbet is something we couldn’t live without and we made a promise that as soon as we got home, we would try and recreate the magical tastes of fruit sorbet. 

Like, literally, the next day, after we arrived home, we bought a small ice cream machine and started experimenting. After we had perfected two versions of our favourite sorbet, a sweet lemon and a sour lemon; we knew that we had recreated this incredible Italian experience, and we NEEDED to share it with others. We have been scooping from our cute handmade sorbet cart at events and markets since April 2018. 


We started Lemon in Lemon to create the authentic European Summer experience for everyone who tastes our sorbet. We want to take you back there, or taste the feeling for the first time. Our variety of flavours aim to take you on a truly fresh and natural frozen desert experience with an absolute fruit blast, and to appreciate how simple ‘ice cream’ can be transformed into much much more; remaining cruelty free.

Welcome, to our fruit obsessed passion.

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